Morning Peace

Observations and thoughts from the morning commute.

I like to leave my house earlier than absolutely necessary to make it to work on time. Traffic is unpredictable. Most days I get there 20 minutes. Today it is 40. I don’t mind this quiet time before work sitting in my car. It’s peaceful. Music and thoughts. As I drive to work feeling confident I won’t be late, I take my time, I am cautious. I notice things I never would have had I been rushing.

The way someone puts their head down as they walk across the crosswalk causing a constant flow of traffic to cease for a moment. A truck revving its engine as they grow impatient with the vehicle changing lanes ahead; when all that is ahead is traffic that is moving slower than their patience. The outline of someone putting their hands to their head with frustration as they turn the corner to a wall of traffic. Humans are fascinating, and our behaviors from the situations we find ourselves in daily. My outlook can vary day to day depending on how my day starts. I wonder what is going through the minds of people as they make their way to start the day. But I will never know, I can only wonder. I hope their days hold beauty.

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