Procrastination or Self Care?

Today felt lazy. It was so needed.

Self care days take on many forms. Sometimes I’m out and about in town, maybe out in nature, or home cleaning. Today I had nothing planned, absolutely nowhere I needed to be. I love these days, they can turn into anything. Sure there are things I need to get done, they will get done, just not today. No one is waiting on me to get these done, today was my day. A day to have fun and be creative.

This morning I went about my routine for non-work days, but then I received a message. Someone was interested in buying a backpack I had listed weeks ago. It has been sitting around for years, unused and stored; it will now be back in its elements. That turned into a trip to the pet store, resulting in a fun afternoon for LP.

LP the crazy cat. Video:1:49 min

Then the rain. The beautiful display pulls me out to the balcony where the rain overpowers the sound of passing traffic. I feel at peace. There is a maple tree in front of my apartment. I love this little maple tree. I have watched it grow and attract so much life through the seasons. Today I appreciated its beauty on this rainy and sunshiny spring day. I love chances like this to experiment with my camera. I took hundreds of photos during the hour of indecisive weather. Trying to determine the best settings and hoping my only battery doesn’t die on me. Don’t worry, it didn’t, and I will just show you 13. I feel good about today. I may have put other things to the side, but today was about living.

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