She is so much more than a stolen expensive bird from a shop. Charlie is part of a family.

It has been a while since I have made a post, but it’s for good reason. I was happy. Still stressed as can be to make life work in favor of happiness, but I had found a sliver.

I quit my job back in August as a USPS Letter Carrier. I miss my customers dearly, but this career did not allow me to thrive as an individual. It worked against my mind and body, leaving me a shell of who I could become.

I had nothing lined up besides Uber Eats driving, I did that until I happened upon a posting for a local bird shop hiring. I brought in my resume and before I knew it I was changing out newspapers in cages the same week. I fell in love with my job quickly.

My job was working among these intelligent, beautiful birds in various stages of their lives. I was able to go beyond just observing the nuthatches, chickadees, and hummingbirds from my apartment; I was now working directly for the well being of the magnificent residents of the shop.

I moved in with my parents across the river to afford to work somewhere I hold such passion for. It is about two months in and I am still in love.

And Charlie. She came into the store as a noisy and oh so hungry baby. I fell in love with everything about her. Her little dinosaur baby noises, the ’beep beeps’ I would hear as I maneuvered around the store with clean toys and cages, the clumsy jumps as she became more active, her insistent desire to explore, and her crooked toe. She is perfect.

I don’t have $2200 lying around, I have been slowly putting money down on her with the dream of bringing her home one day. I interacted as much as I could without compromising the work I was doing. The first thing I would do after clocking off was going to her cage to take her out. We had a special thing going, she brought so much love and light into my life.

This loss leaves such a heaviness in my heart that I have never experienced. My little sun was stolen from me. I love you Charlie.

I am overwhelmed and incredibly grateful for the support this community has shown to help find Charlie. Coworkers spreading the news like wildfire, the local police and news stations quick to respond and spread the word. I am new to the bird world, but I sure am happy to be a part of it and look forward to years to come, hopefully with Charlie by my side.

1 thought on “She is so much more than a stolen expensive bird from a shop. Charlie is part of a family.

  1. I am praying for you and Charlie…:( 😭💖💓


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